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Kudos to the Youth Programming Director, Josh Brown (JB) and members of his staff for the work done with the youth in the Route 9 Community. Under his tutelage, these young people began their own business, PLCC Youth (Power washing, Lawn care, Cleaning and Carpentry). In addition, to learning how to build a business, they are learning about the environment and the impact of the environment on the community where they live.

They are also learning the importance of teamwork and other 21st Century skills that are necessary to succeed in today’s world. We continue to seek additional funding so that we can accommodate the other thirty kids who are waiting to get into this program.


The Alternative to Out of School Suspension Program continues to experience success!

This is the program that provides a safe and structured environment for students who, when suspended, would typically be at home with no supervision or whose parents would need to miss work because the student could not be at home alone. This program was restarted by NCPC and was facilitated by Dale Reed last school year after it lapsed during the Covid 19 pandemic. This year, the Youth Program Director has been able to expand the program with Mark Rogers as Facilitator. There has been a decline in the number of students suspended more than once. The hope is that there will continue to be a decline in the overall number of students who are suspended from school.

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