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NCPC partners with BEZOS Earth Fund to “Green Up” Route 9

The Greenup Initiative began with a needed community clean up. This clean up that was started by PASS Associates under the direction of Ronnell Page and was picked up by Josh Brown, cleaned trash, garbage, shrubs, and trees from easements. They also removed tree roots that were causing sewer back ups and cleared the way for Delmarva power to fix downed power lines and for New Castle County to correct problems with the sewer lines. The New Castle Conservation District will soon begin work to correct some of the flooding in Simons Garden that resulted from water flowing down from Rosegate. That was Phase I.


Phase II cleanup has now started in Oakmont. In the spring, participants in NCPC’s Lawn and Home Maintenance project will partner with Delaware Center for Horticulture to plant trees to bring beauty to the corridor and to help purify the air. All of this is challenging work, but it is worthwhile because it will help our communities become more resilient.

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