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This year the New Castle Prevention Coalition (NCPC) accepted the challenge of providing an opportunity for our community to have access to funds that were provided through the State of Delaware’s DelaConnect program. This program provided up to $10,000 for qualified residents to prevent foreclosures, evictions, and other housing issues, to assist with back taxes, for down payments on transportation, and for food. While our program received no direct funding or staffing to provide this service the staff stepped up to the plate. No other program in New Castle County attempted to serve as many residents as the staff at NCPC. To provide this service the staff worked many overtime hours for which there was no pay and then suffered many accusations of scamming and nepotism when the program was unexpectedly halted by DelaConnect. Nonetheless, their work was recognized and appreciated by many who received support and even many who did not.


Unfortunately, this program is no longer offered. The Board of Directors and the Executive Director of New Castle Prevention Coalition would like to publicly say thanks for all the arduous work it took to serve more than four hundred people with a staff of two part- time and two full-time staff members.


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