CSAP Strategies and program activities


Information DisseminationNCPC distributes literature by tabling at school and community events and its on-going programs

Prevention Education NCPC increases protective factors and refusal skills by use of 

  • Ripple Effects Whole spectrum prevention program
  • Botvin Life Skills Training
  • Alternative to Out of School Suspension (AOOSS)Provides an alternative, safe, supervised environment for middle school students who receive an out of school suspension. Students receive homework help and participate in restorative practices with a facilitator who provides the students with one-on-one attention. 
  • NCPC provides a community information feedback loop through door-to-door canvassing, a Route 9 newsletter, and tabling at community events.

Alternative ActivitiesNCPC provides for the community

  • Dinner and Movie – A free Black History Movie provided with dinner in a dinner theater setting, during the month of February. 
  • Youth led Entrepreneurial program called PLCC (Power washing, Lawn Care, Carpentry and Cleaning Services).