CSAP Strategies and program activities


Information DisseminationNCPC distributes literature by tabling at school and community events and its on-going programs

Prevention Education NCPC increases protective factors and refusal skills by use of 

  • Ripple Effects Whole spectrum prevention program
  • Botvin Life Skills Training
  • Reading Horizon program (Reading for everyone)
  • Hip Hop 4 Prevention and
  • Alternative to Out of School Suspension (AOOSS)Provides an alternative and safe haven for middle school students who receive a school suspension. Students receive homework help and participate in restorative practices with a counselor who provides the students with one-on-one attention. NCPC distributes literature in its on-going programs and by tabling at school and community events.  

Alternative ActivitiesNCPC provides for the community

  • GEMS girls’ development group
  • Dinner and Movie – Black History Movie Series provided with dinner during the month of February. Meals are prepared and served by teens under the supervision of a senior cook or chef
  • Tennis
  • Rhythm and Nutrition– a physical fitness and nutrition program